We, the Brazilian Baptist Convention World Mission Board founded on 1907, are committed to fulfill the Great Commission, taking the Gospel to the ends of the world. Our main task is to connect the local supporter church to the mission field.

World Mission Board


With the blessing of having faithful partners in prayer and financial support, we have by God’s grace, been able to reach out more than 90 countries having around 1,600 missionaries on the field.
We are committed to serve the kingdom in several projects regarding areas such as health, education, nutrition, sports and leisure.


Since 2010 our executive director, Pastor João Marcos Barreto Soares, has been conducting our mission into a path of growth, innovation, training and pursuing excellence in serving God for his glory and the expansion of his kingdom.


Due to these challenging times, it becomes quite clear that we need “help by those who are committed to the same cause”, which is: “making known the name of Jesus and proclaiming his gracious salvation around the world”.



In 2017, World Mission Board completes 110 years of foundation.
A history that began to be written in 1907 in the city of Salvador da Bahia and today has characters in the five continents. You are essential in this walk that needs to go on until He comes.


PEPE(Pre-School Education Program)

A socio-educational program that benefits over 12,000 children in more than 25 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. PEPE provides the opportunity for kids to develop the skills needed for the beginning of school life. PEPE is also concerned with the complete formation of the individual, considering all areas of a children’s life, including family, friends and the love of Jesus. That is what makes PEPE different.


PEM(Missionary Sports Program)

Created on 1997, the target of the Missionary Sports Program is to open doors so that Brazilian can live the love of God in countries hostile to foreign missionaries. Using sports as a tool has already allowed the WMB to enter nations completely closed to the Gospel.


PIM(Missionary Prayer Program)

This is our main action to increase our partners’ involvement to prayer. This program gathers over 50,000 people who take the hope of Christ to unreached people through their intercessions.


Every year, we receive messages from hundreds of volunteers interested in serving the kingdom of God on transcultural fields through their gifts, skills and time. Missionary trips can be made in groups or individually to a field where a missionary is in activity.

Radical Program

With this program, we have launched a new paradigm: sending young missionaries to work among different peoples, especially the unreached ones. Radical Program has already sent over 500 youngsters to fields in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

PAM(Missionary Adoption Program)

By this modality, individual and legal persons, such as churches and companies, are able to support missionary work developed by the WMB with their offers. This is our most important source of income, overcoming 50% of the resources invested on missionary expansion.




Get in touch with some of

our projects

MENINAS DA ÍNDIA(Girls of India)

International authorities consider South Asia as one of the worst places on Earth for a child to live. Over there, Hinduism and adoration to false gods can be seen everywhere. There are little girls who are trafficked at the age of 5, and many of them spend their whole lives being exploited or living with their mothers at prostitution sites.

Giving a child the right to a decent life and with Christ has been the goal and the mission of the project Girls of India.

In operation since 2013, this project shelters girls rescued from prostitution sites by local authorities. These girls live in houses managed by our missionaries and in the reality of a real family.

PARE - Program of Relief, Rehabilitation and Hope

The consumption of drugs is a sore that hits all nations. UN estimates that about 350 million people aged between 15 and 64 use at least one type of illicit substance, which corresponds to almost 7% of the world adult population.

Due to this scenario, World Mission Board has created the Program of Relief, Rehabilitation and Hope. Called PARE (“Stop”, in Portuguese and Spanish), its first facility was inaugurated in Colombia, in a place known as Sin Street, in the city of Medellin.

PARE is provided with a center of therapy and support to addicts and homeless, who receive help, nourishment and take part in training workshops. They all get access to the Gospel, and most of them experience the joy of having a transformed life, far from drugs, prostitution and marginality.



(Hope Factory)

A town plenty of beautiful beaches in West Africa contrasts with the situation in which live the majority of the population, mostly Muslim, and denounces a sad reality: the lack of basic health care. However, gaining the trust of people and being able to talk about Christ in this region is possible only through love and humanitarian aid.

Hope Factory project started in 2005 in West Africa in a Baptist church and currently has a medical and sports center.

Beyond health care, soccer training and a preschool center provide children and teenagers activities and resources for their physical, moral, social and spiritual development. Local community also receives dental care, which creates a propitious environment to evangelize boys and girls.

Moreover, Hope Factory has the mission to support church planting. A result in this domain has been achieved with the planting of a church, whose temple was inaugurated in 2012.

(Volunteering – Refugees)

The drama experienced by refugees worldwide is one of our priorities. Early 2016, world had 60 million refugees, according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. They are people who, because of war, misery or repression in their home countries, seek in another nation the hope of a decent life.

We have missionaries displaced to some refugee camps spread around the world. They develop actions in areas such as education, sports and health. Women and children are our main targets, for they are more vulnerable to terrorist and human trafficking groups.

Great part of refugees is heading to Europe and immigrating inside the Middle East, but nowadays it has become easy to find refugees in Brazil. For this reason, we started in 2016 a series of events in order to help and train Brazilian churches to receive and evangelize these foreigners, mostly Muslims.

(Bibles to the Peoples)

It is estimated that of the approximately 6.7 million languages spoken on the world, less than half of them have part or the entire Bible translated. This means that over 1 billion people do not have the Scriptures available in their own language.

There are places where the right to read or having a copy of the Bible is forbidden for various reasons, economic, social or political. Therefore, we have been acting in several fronts so that more people have access to the Scriptures.

Through the project Bibles to the Peoples, we have allowed believers from Brazil and the world to take part on the translation and distribution of the Word of God worldwide, mostly to countries where those who preach the Gospel are willing to take the risk to pay with their own lives if they need to. About 1 million Bibles have been delivered to people living in countries as described, mostly from the suffering church.

Discipleship is only practicable in the missionary field when there are available Scriptures copies for meditation and studying.



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